Shiba Kintaro

The Remembered




Shiba Kintaro is an ardent and dedicated servant of Doji Satsume, the Emerald Champion. Kintaro earned acclaim as a yojimbo for several young Phoenix Clan shugenja, quickly earning a reputation for being able to ferret out dangers and challenges to his charges. He studied for a time under the storied Asako Izaki and learned some techniques from the vaunted Asako Inquisitors. He was instrumental in safeguarding Winter Court Kyuden Isawa (1102 IC) from a shugenja rebellion prior to the arrival of Hantei the 38th. In reward for his bravery and courage, Kintaro was awarded the position of Emerald Magistrate. Since his promotion, he has taken time wandering the empire and stamping down on crime and illicit activity.

He was on vacation attending the Festival of Three Sides in 1114 when Ikoma Takeshima died suddenly. He performed a perfunctory investigation which concluded that the elderly Lion succumbed to old age at a most inopportune moment.

He hasn’t been seen in Three Sides River since the incident.

Shiba Kintaro

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