Ikoma Takehiro

Lion Daimyo


Ikoma Takehiro, son of provincial daimyo Ikoma Takeshima. Takehiro was at a young age destined to go into the Akodo war college whether do to his father’s influence or just his overall adaption to strategy. He would spend a good amount of his younger days playing go against himself after his father’s advice “In order to defeat your enemy, you must be able to defeat yourself.” Continuing through his early life on through his gempukku Takehiro found the whole process somewhat calming and therapeutic, and would use it to calm himself of any anxiety that would come up.

Takeshima was a provincial Daimyo in what is a majority of Matsu lands and so Takehiro was brought up around mostly the Matsu family. He found, although useful in the field, most their shock tactics uncouth. Despite this he found much comfort in a particular Matsu named Kaeka. Kaeka was trained as a Matsu beastmaster and eventually they married. As part of the ceremony Takehiro was given his own battle cat. Through many sessions with his new wife Takehiro eventually came to be able to adequately care for the beast as it grew up strong. He would even bring it into meetings with representatives from other clans as a sort of scare tactic in order for things to work in the Lion’s favor.

While not completely brash Takehiro has been known to have a temper at times when things aren’t going as planned, and he lets his subordinates know it right away. He’s never killed anyone out of anger though, he has threatened them from time to time. At times like these he retreats to his go room to clear his head and center himself, especially if there is an upcoming battle.

Where Takeshima held a solid peace with the immediate neighboring provinces of the crane and the scorpion, Takehiro always thought that those immediate territories should belong to the lion, and has been coming up with battle strategies to take the lands for the glory of the Lion. He will use every resource at his disposal to try and achieve this goal as long as it is not outright dishonorable. He has never stooped to trying to assassinate enemy generals, or steal information. For he believes that the might of the Lion’s armies, and his superior tactical mind will lead them to victory as the Lion have done for centuries before him.

Takehiro has a single child, a son, so far with his wife that is 2 years old, and has been told that the child shows signs of possibly being a shugenja. While he has nothing against the Kitsu or their ways, Takehiro had hoped his first born son to be able to lead armies like him, his father, and his father before him. He still hopes for a son to raise as a bushi so that he may have a proper heir to his line and position.

Takehiro respects and reveres his father even though they do not agree on everything, he knows the man to be very wise and of sound logical and tactical mind. While he does not question his father’s decisions openly, he yearns for the chance to lead the province to prosperity and victory in all things and expand the territory.

Ikoma Takehiro

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